Calvin Harris 18 Months

Mobile App

A mobile app that turned an album release on its head, and asked consumers to keep on dancing.

Client: Calvin Harris
Date: 2012
Services: Strategy, Management

Quick Stats

  • #3 UK App Store
  • Featured in Google and Apple app stores
  • 26% CTR to buy the album


  • Winner FWD Mobile App of the Day
  • Winner The Lovie Awards Mobile Innovation
  • Winner The Lovie Awards Experimental Innovation
  • Finalist Cannes Lions
  • Finalist BIMA

How can we get consumers to re-engage with an album they’ve already bought (by accident)?

In 2012, Calvin Harris released his album ’18 Months’ which was (as the name might suggest) 18 months in the making. Like many electronic artists, Calvin wasn’t shackled by ‘traditional’ album releases and had put out single upon single during the year and a half period leading to the album release.

Every single one of them a number one single, and an enormous smash hit.

Flash forward towards release – those 7 singles and a handful of other tracks are finally getting packaged up as a single body of work… the problem is most of the UK already own most of the songs – we had our work cut out trying to re-engage an audience that had lived with some of these songs for over a year.

Working with dev superstars, we concepted an app that would create an experience around the album to remind fans of the entire body of work… and maybe get some headlines along the way.

18 Months app.

The premise is simple: you get the album for free as long as you don’t stop dancing.