Daft Punk


Prepare the world for the return of one of the most iconic and inspirational musical acts in history.

Client: Daft Punk
Date: 2013
Services: Strategy, Marketing, Media

Daft Punk inked a deal with Columbia Records (Sony) with the single-minded purpose: calculated world domination. Guy-Manuel and Thomas were creative directors for the campaign, and every output had to be pristine and perfect. The band were not interested in Marketing 101, they were only interested in their vision for the release.

This required a global coordinated effort, a focus on quality over quantity, risky media buys, partnerships and grand gestures and eschewing the music marketing playbook – no Twitter account? No problem.


The initial UK media buy was focused on a single high-impact placement in Shoreditch – the media / creative hub of London at the time.

With the band avoiding social media, we had to rely on fans and curious consumers to drive the buzz for us – this single billboard drove thousands of Instagram posts during the flighting.


A 60 second tease spot replaced the traditional 30s. It aired only once in each market during a focused broadcast.

The TV ad was uploaded to YouTube, gaining millions of views and eventually got picked up by MTV in lieu of an actual song topping the MTV airplay charts at the time.


We facilitated a partnership between Daft Punk and Lotus F1.

The band appeared in their helmets during the walk-on at Monaco Grand Prix, their logo and helmets donned both Lotus cars and the drivers’ suits.

In addition, the single was used during the Sky Sports global syndicated broadcast of the race.

Launch Party

During the entire run up to the launch, the full album was kept under literal lock and key (in a steel box that required one of three authorized people be with it at all times).

The eve of launch marked the first time anyone could hear the album in full. Columbia Records / Daft Punk staged the first ever event at Europe’s tallest building, holding an exclusive playback party at The View from The Shard.

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