YouTube Music

Launch Campaign

YouTube Music was designed to bring the best of music on YouTube together with the convenience of mobile streaming services. The brand worked with Swift to bring the campaign to life across social and digital.

Client: YouTube Music
Date: 2018
Services: Strategy
Agency: Swift

The Ask

Create a disruptive social launch for YouTube’s new music streaming service.

The Problem

Consumers are pretty satisfied with their current music streaming situation.

The music streaming marketplace is flooded with options with very little differentiation – personalization, playlists, sharing and subscribing show up in all of them. Is it 40 million tracks or 43 million – would you ever notice the difference?

Functionality and libraries aside, the emotional cost of switching is high for consumers (‘will I lose my playlists and personalization if I jump ship?’), so even if their service of choice isn’t perfect, it’s good enough – and that’s enough.

The Opportunity

People don’t care about their music streaming service, they care about the music.

Consumers are using a reported average of 3 streaming services (a mix of paid / free / ad-supported) to complete their musical experience – a behavior repeated across VOD streaming services.

Brand loyalty is driving subscription service, but consumer experience is driving usage. Whether it’s live and acoustic versions, new artists, cover versions, remixes, videos, interviews, deep catalog, ‘off menu’ content is driving this exploration because music taste isn’t linear, algorithmic or logical.

The Approach

Inspire people to explore music from every angle.

YouTube has defined how people engage with content – shifting from discovery to exploration, or from the destination to the journey. The ‘rabbit hole’ of recommendations that can get you from Single Ladies to 10 Hour Rainbow Bunchie in 5 clicks flat.

YouTube Music is built on the back of YouTube, and the millions of pieces of music content that live on the platform. This alone is where YouTube Music promises to stand apart from the competition – its anti-linear and pro-exploration, offering the listener to explore not just the song, but the culture and connections that stem from the song.

This creative approach allowed us to create an immersive social experience that authenticated the brand’s deep knowledge and passion for music, exposing connections and stories that exist only on the platform inspiring consumers to take a journey with the brand that would broaden their musical experience.